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Royal Beef (RB) is an investor-owned, professionally-managed 5,600 head confinement cattle feedlot near Royal, Iowa.

RB is a newly formed business designed to feed cattle at the lowest cost of gain possible.We will produce a quality beef product with a total cost of production that will be very competitive throughout the cattle feeding industry in the United States. This will be accomplished by utilizing the lowest feed prices, access to corn co-products, and buying and selling in volume. RB will apply the latest technologies to enhance performance that lower overall production costs.

Low Cost of Gain

  • High-moisture corn
  • Dry-rolled corn
  • Ethanol co-products (six plants within 60 miles)
  • Dry-shell corn
  • Consulting nutritionist on staff

Consistent Performance

  • Cattle housed in two 2,800 head monoslope bedded confinement buildings
  • Strict health and nutrition protocols
  • Pen size: 180, 240 and 300 head
  • Cattle comfortable in all seasons

Competitive Markets

  • Quality feeder cattle
  • Grid based or cash marketing
  • 3 packing facilities within 100 miles
  • 5 packing facilities within 150 miles
  • Financing available

Jim & Julie Christensen

  • Professional management
  • Proven track record
  • 5th generation cattle feeder

For more information contact: 
Jim Christensen
Julie Christensen
phone: 712-933-5566
phone: 712-933-5566

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